Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best Intentions

I had such good intentions.  Blogging each day about General Assembly.  Then reality set in.  Actually my back set in - Ouch!  Standing and chatting with so many friends - which was awesome.  Finding new friends - which was awesome.  Going to business sessions - sorta awesome.  (Go Rev. Brenda Caldwell!) Going to the concert Sunday night - which was totally awesome.

But rolling my car down the highway last month put a limit on my activities and stamina.  Pain meds did not make for clear thinking for blogging either.  So in the next week I hope to continue to reflect on the General Assembly.  Being church together is amazing.

We are an odd bunch, us Disciples.  We believe in unity and argue like anything.  We are unbelievably diverse and are one around the Table.  We have a long way to go to include EVERYONE but we continue towards the Realm of God.

It's good to have a family - one that I love even as I while I can be frustrated with them.  Something to give thanks for.

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