Friday, July 8, 2011

General Assembly Starters

It is always so exciting to arrive for the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  As people are gathering at the hotels today in Nashville, there are embraces with friends who haven't see each other for two years, smiles in meeting new friends, and tired nods.  Even without our name tags yet, you can just SPOT the Disciples.

We are staying a ways from downtown and the Convention Center at the HoJos.  The staff person checking us in this afternoon asked, "Is there a convention in town because there are a lot of people staying 6 nights?"  "Yes," we exclaimed.  The Disciples have landed!  Later we (Tim, Dad, and I) met our friends Judy and Fritz at their hotel, the Hilton, to go out for a bite and some fellowship.  As we left the lobby, I noticed the very noticeable stole of a regional minister on a luggage cart coming into the hotel.  And of course with my big mouth, I said to the woman, "Well, you must be a Regional Minister."  It turns out she was the wife of the Regional Minister for Mid-America, Dad's region!  Small world.

The church is gathering.  May we be open to the work of the Holy Spirit, worship God with gladness, and proclaim the Gospel with joy.  May we embody what we say we are - a Movement for Wholeness in a Fragmented World.

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