Monday, May 6, 2013

The Morning Commute

Whenever I tell people in Hood River that I live in Condon, they seem shocked, then quickly recover with a logical explanation from their point of view.

"Oh, so you stay here during the week?"

No.  I drive into work each morning and home each night.  I have a room in Hood River that I rent - just down the street from the hospital - for when I'm on call each Friday night.

"You drive everyday?"


"How long of a drive is that?"

A slim one hour forty-five minutes - give or take - for 92 miles.

At this point there is usually some sputtering, some "oh my gosh," and "everyday?" like perhaps I don't remember where I am in time and space.

I explain.

I have lived in large metropolitan areas where an hour forty-five minute commute is not unheard of and this is a lot less stressful.  Plus there's this guy I've been living with for over 33 years that I like to see as much as possible.

While they are still processing, I usually find some reason to excuse myself and walk away.  Yes I know how much gas this takes, and I know that when the weather is bad I'll have to stay in Hood River.  I dragged Tim from St. Louis to New York to West Virginia.  My turn to drive and I LIKE IT.

So I have decided that I will be posting short blogs every so often to talk about the wonders I see from Eastern Oregon into the Columbia Gorge.  Beats the heck out of I170 in St. Louis rush hour any day.  For now,  the view out of my window as I drive.  Ok Ok - I got out of the car to take this shot, but I'm sure you are glad that I stopped to take pictures instead of driving and photographing at the same time in the canyon.

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