Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tall Trees are Terrific

Tree trunks - specifically the base of trees and their roots - have captured my attention during our hikes for the last two weeks.  The word “anchor” keeps coming to mind.  I am fascinated to see how trees, from young to ancient, find purchase in the most extreme circumstances. Some seem to grow horizontally while others are plumb.  There are those that appear to have lost some of the soil beneath them, yet continue to “hang on.”

Anchored trees have led my mind to wander and wonder about what anchors me.  What anchors me to the present, to life in general, to my relationships, to my faith and to my God?  How far am I willing to go to hang on to that which feeds me?  Can I weather storms large and small?  When is the time to “let go” if the anchor no longer is doing its job?  And in the event of the ultimate letting go, are we willing to hope and believe in resurrection?  

Jessica, I don’t remember at what age, used to talk about, paint about, and write about tall trees. “Tall Trees are Terrific” showed up homemade greeting cards, framed watercolors and even in the poetry magnets on the fridge.  I have seen some massively tall trees in Oregon’s National Forests during my vacation.  They are absolutely terrific.  Looking at their bases spurred me to contemplate life’s anchors.  Without healthy, nourishing, flexible anchors, how can we expect to reach the age of the ancients?  

As I continue to muse, I gaze at my trees.
Old tree trunk providing the basis for new life.
  Hart's Cove Trail

Old Growth tree with massive root reaching to one side.
Hart's Cove Trail

This Old One's dreadlocks reach
down to the earth.
Hart's Cove Trail

Lace work.
Hart's Cove Trail

This trunk's base drapes itself on the side of the mountain.
A young tree draws life from the abundance of the elder tree.
Hart's Cove Trail

Un Arbole that provides a retaining
wall for the trail.
St. Perpetua Trail

Hart's Cove Trail

A community of tree roots. Heceta Lighthouse Trai

Cathedral Root. Hart's Cove Trail

Tall Trees are Terrific

Roots in every direction. Daringtonia State Park.

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