Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trust Me

Earlier this spring - after Tim's Surgery and before Best Vacation Ever, we tried to go hiking.  We drove two hours from Condon to the Gorge, made the loop on I84 to get to the Viento exit, to hike Mitchell Point.  I tried.  Really.  I wasn't even halfway to the cut off for Little Mitchell when I cried "uncle" because of the asthma.  It was a disappointing day for both of us I think.

It's a long way down.
In the interim, we did other hikes in Deschutes State Park and Catherine Creek, discovering ways to manage the asthma and to finish a good hike.  New Rule: Maggie gets unlimited "pauses" to catch her breath. Our vacation included many awesome hikes on the coast, especially our Hart's Cove.

Well into the fall, we decided today to again "attack" Mitchell Point.  Soft, steady rain was our companion today.  Cool temperatures enveloped us. We were prepared.

I made it past the point where I stopped last time.  I made it past the cut off for Little Mitchell.  Up and up we went.  I was remained optimistic.

Tim continued to the summit
It wasn't my lungs that gave me trouble this time.  I took advantage of my unlimited pause and coped well with the asthma.  However, wet, slippery rocks and precipitous drops had my heart rate up. I looked more at my feet than the wondrous views.

Finally, as the summit came into view, I decided that I had enough.  My legs felt wobbly and frankly, I was much more intimidated by the subsequent decent from the summit than the climb. I didn't even feel bad telling Tim to continue without me.

Then the Lord answered
Job [Maggie] out of the whirlwind.
Job 38:1 
I plopped down on wet grass and rock on the lee side of a small hill with rain dripping from the sky and my Providence cap.  Trust Me.  The words were practically audible.  Near the top of the mountain, the ever-present Whirlwind called to me.  Trust Me. I watched clouds snake though the pass.  A sense of peace washed over me. Finally, I noticed the details around me - tiny ferns and saturated pine cones.   Trust Me to get you down off this mountain.  Trust Me in the changes that are happening.  Trust Me in all things.

My determination to lick Mitchell Point had turned into a time of Be Still and Know that I am God.  As I breathed in the Divine, fears leached away.  I didn't need to get to the top of the summit because I found what I craved on wet ground on a weekday in October.  Trust Me

We climbed down the mountain.  I was confident that whatever happened, I could Trust in the Creator.

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