Monday, April 27, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

Soon, I'm going to have to make a decision - I think.  No sure about the necessity of making this decision since all of the stars have not yet come together in the constellation.  In other words, there is not decision to make actually.

Confession One: I am worrying about something that has not yet happened.

Mt. Hood -the view of which helps me breath
IF I have to make this decision, it will be hard.  It's usually not hard to make a decision about your life if one alternative is unappealing.  However, if both possibilities are tantalizing, exciting, and full of possibilities, the decision may be full of angst.

Confession Two:  I want both.

My decision will affect a lot of people.  Because we live in community be it family, workplace, church, or actual "community, our actions are never in isolation.

Confession Three: Whatever I do, I will "disappoint" someone(s).

And so I breathe  In. Out. Pause. In. Out. Pause.  I try to let go and allow the Spirit to lead.  If I hold tight, metaphorically or actually, wringing my hands, I am not able to respond to the whispers and luring of the Spirit.

May the Spirit of all Life, lift away all fretting.  May I be open to head the luring of the One.  Amen

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