Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reiki Room

In a room hushed by closed 
drapes and shoeless saints, 
waterfall sounds emanate from a small player.  
Women were in this space.  
Strong, healing women.

I lay still on the table with closed eyes,
sheltered under a fuzzy blanket
and the weight of job and age and change.
Women closed in around me.
Strong, healing women.

The master’s warm hand hovered
over my lined and tired face.
Another encased an arm.
Reiki energy coursing through
Strong, healing women.

And when the warm hands moved
to cradle by face and jaw and leg
they came to me - one by one.
Women gone from my life.
Strong, healing women.

First came Ma of course, strong.
Then came her mother, joy.
My father’s mother, an immigrant, brave.
My mother-in-law, intellect.
So many strong, healing women.

Others joined them.  Others whom I have known
Petite Ellen, sweetness.
Petey with her determination.
Mildred, faithfulness.
My beautiful niece, independence.

Racing from energy beyond
through these two women
into my body, mind, and soul, 
giving of themselves to make me

a strong, healed woman.

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