Monday, March 30, 2020

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers

A COVID-19 Prayer

Bless our feet as we walk from our cars or the buses
to the doors of the hospital.
Bless feet that will carry us from patient to patient for the next 12 hours.
Bless feet that will hold us up as we work in labs, exam rooms, chapels, and offices.
Bless our colleagues who greet us with smiles 
As they take our temperature and ask us about symptoms.

Forgive us if we are short-tempered, abrupt, or less thoughtful than usual.
Forgive us if we seem distracted or find it hard to concentrate.
As the anxiety threatens to engulf us, 
remind us that compassion and love – for others and ourselves -
always heals.

Bless our system and hospital leaders 
as they scramble from hour to hour
to develop and enact best practices during this ever-changing crisis.
Help us be supportive and forgiving when communications – given and received -
are not as clear as we would like.

Hold our patients tenderly.
They may be alone, frightened, confused, in pain.
Help us to be the healers they need in this moment.
Help them to know that we are caring for them as we would our own family.

With every blood pressure taken, anesthesia administered, test performed,
urinal emptied, floor mopped, meal prepared, and keystroke made- 
with all of our daily tasks - remind us of the holy energy that
runs through each of us and between us.
May we not forget our connectedness even with our need 
to physically distance ourselves from others.

In uncharted territory, grant us peace, courage, strength, wisdom, and humor.


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