Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Three Inch Squares

Three inch squares

remnants from shirts 

and pants and skirts

and costumes

The rotary cutter ran over

reds and greens

browns and blacks

multicolors and yellows

Assembled in rows 

two rows of each color

ten squares across

eighteen rows down

Created during autumnal nights

for someone yet unknown

a comfort quilt to provide

comfort for those who grieve

Three inch squares 

bordered in a cream print

with blue edging and

white backing

Three inch squares 

This afternoon now wrap

around a still body 

held by wailing arms

Three inch squares 

for a three year old

who got sick and then

too sick and then . . .

Three inch squares

absorb the tears of 

mother and father

brother and sister

uncle and aunt

Tonight I look at scraps

and remember a little body

and wonder if I have

the strength to make more

Three inch squares

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