Sunday, March 3, 2024

Triage Day

All I have to say is that today had its ups and downs.  You know- life.  As we walked to Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro,  I made the mistake of looking straight ahead instead of at my feet, thereby facilitating going down hard on a  typical broken cement sidewalk.  No lasting damage but a bit embarrassing.  

The hospital, which is part of the Cathedral complex, is so much bigger than Hospital Hilario Galindo, my previous experience.  We were given a quick and detailed orientation that addressed infection control, documentation, and the proper way to dispose of narcotic bottles. Things were professional and well coordinated.

Everyone had their roles to play today in readying patients and surgical rooms. I was to meet and support patients and their families.  It did not take me long to realize how much Spanish I forgot.  Faith in Practice, however, had a whole crew of volunteers including a young woman and later a young man who interpreted my prayers.  Very quickly I got in a groove. 

I brought various things from home that I thought might be useful, including about 18 rosaries. Unfortunately after I handed out the first one, it seemed like the entire room wanted one.  I even went to the cathedral gift shop where I was only able to get 5 more.  What I appreciated most was the graciousness of people who laughed and made jokes about my lack of rosaries.

I was able to pray with about everyone who came in for triage. One woman began to cry during her prayer. I reminded her, in fairly intelligible Spanish, that tears are a gift of the Holy Spirit.  They say the things for which we have no words.

Tomorrow we begin the first of our 102 surgeries scheduled for the week.  I will don scrubs and circulate through pre and post op.  Think of us tomorrow

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