Sunday, August 8, 2010

John 17:1-19

"I glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do."

I have to-do lists. All over the place. In my purse, on my desk at church, on my phone, on my computer . . . you get the idea. There is so much I think I have to do, so much I want to do that is hard sometimes to figure out what I need to do. Thankfully, the need to do list is far, far shorter than any of the others! Today, for instance, I had on my various lists: tuck point the retaining wall, pull the weeds, scan old photos, vacuum the rug . . . . But what I did, what I really needed to do today, was lay back and read an amazing book by Patricia Adams Farmer. The retaining wall is not going to worsen by tomorrow, the weeds will still be there, the photos have been sitting there for 30 years so I think one more day won't matter, and if I don't look at the rug, I don't need to vacuum the rug.

What I needed to do today was nourish my soul by reading something that made me think about my relationship with God. In thinking about my relationship with God, there is always the question, "What do you want - need - me to do, Lord." In the gospel of John, Jesus prays for the disciples before going to the garden. In John's gospel, Jesus has already wrestled with what God has called him to do and is ready for it. He prays for the disciples and the work that God has for them to do now. And their to-do list is formidable one - spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, risking their lives to gain their lives.

We as church have a formidable to do list. Like the apostles, we are asked to spread the Good News. How? By asking, "What do you need me to do, Lord?" and trusting that God will point us in the right direction.

Father, we are too hurried in our world. It is difficult for us to remember sometimes that we don't have to be busy every moment. Rather, we need to live for you every moment, and that requires us to sometimes stop, forget OUR to-do lists and ask what yours is. Give us the will to do your will. Amen

--Maggie Sebastian

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