Sunday, August 8, 2010

Luke 12: 32-40

"He [the master] will fasten his belt and have them sit down to eat, and he will come and serve them"

Some folks have a much harder time receiving than giving. You try to do to for them and they shoo you away or get flustered or act like they don't appreciate it. I think that it's just that they have been serving for so long they don't know how to be served, and they feel very uncomfortable. My mother drilled in to be phrases like, "the cook eats last." Today my reaction to being served depends on who is serving me. I have a harder time when my elders take care of me because my head (my mother?) tells me I should be taking care of them. I remember the time I finally called Bess Higgins for help when I had a stomach virus. Tim wasn't home, it was the middle of the day, and I desperately need 7-up or something. I wad dehydrating quickly. But I kept thinking that I shouldn't bother her or make her get out of the house. I take care of Bess, not the other way around. When I finally called, Bess was more than willing and able. She appeared at my door in short order. I don't think I ever appreciated a six pack of 7-up more.

Not only does Luke remind us to live our lives as if Jesus was going to knock on the door at any moment, but he paints a picture of life with Christ. With Christ, things get turned upside down. Those who serve will be served. Those who have been served will serve. Upside down takes a great deal of trust. Trust in God and in each other. As we pray for God's will for First Christian, we must pray to be able to think outside of the box. We don't know who God may be calling First Christian to serve or for First Christian to receive. We don't know who among us God is called to serve or be served.

Dear One, you are the God of surprises and graces. We know that we can never truly prepare for "surprises," but if we prepare ourselves for you by being followers of your Word, we may be open to whatever surprises you may have for us. Help us to trust that we can handle whatever the day holds. Help us to trust your call to serve or to receive. In trusting you, may we help to heal your broken world.

--Maggie Sebastian

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