Monday, August 22, 2011


As we were filling the XB with more of our "stuff" to give away to St. Vincent's, I remembered Buddy Hines.  Buddy, a childhood friend, was very cool because he had a ride-on red tractor with pedals.  I was about five or six, and we would go up and down his paved drive way - he on his bike and me on his tractor.

Buddy's mom and my mom were friends as well as fellow members of the "Moon Maids" bowling league.  They would get together, chatting over coffee, and Buddy and I would play - until his friends showed up.  Then I was just this annoying younger girl.  I would run to the moms with hurt feelings.  Poor Buddy.  They would insist that I had to be included.

Buddy's dad died years before.  When his mom got engaged to his stepdad, everything went topsy turvy.  Like some of our friends now, my parents could not comprehend the life-changing decision the Hines' made.  Beth, her new husband, and Buddy were hopping into a motor home and just driving.  In the spirit of the 1960's, they were going to drive until the Spirit told them they had found home.   From Downers Grove, Illinois, they got as far as Boulder, Colorado.

You see, like Tim and I, the Hines' got rid of almost everything they owned, keeping only what would fit into the motor home.  My parents were the recipients of furniture and other items.  I received the red tractor.  I remember Buddy very reluctantly letting go of his precious tractor.  I was filled with excitement over my new toy and sadness that my friend was leaving.

How hard it is to let go of so much - possessions as well as friends.  How hard it is to trust that the Spirit has a good sense of direction.  Six days and some odd hours to go - another six or seven until we reach Portland.  I hope the Spirit has Google Maps.
"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people."  Matt 4:19

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