Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Rhythms

We arrived on Sunday the 4th to our new home in Portland.  Frances, very wonderfully, helped unload our cars, Jessica still being in New York for a friend's wedding.  We found something to eat, unpacked a little and collapsed on the inflatable mattress.  Throughout this week+ we have worked to make our estimated 250sq. ft workable and homey.  For the first time since we sold our house, we have art and photos on the wall.  It feels good.

In one trip to IKEA we were able to get five bookcases, one college-style sofa/sleeper, a chair, and a dresser - all things we have done without this year.  My skills (and will power) of assembly were tested and proven still in tact.  We realize that there is another level of going through - lessening the load - that we need to accomplish, but for now, we are happy in our new digs.

We are learning to live in finite space.  Every purchase has to be thought through, "Where would we put it?"  It makes not going down the consumer trail a little more difficult which is good.

Oh, but I want!  When I have felt down, out of place, out of sorts, I, like many Americans, was conditioned to go buy something because, "I deserve it."  A pity party with a 24.5% APR.  So, without that outlet - financially as well as spatially - I have to do other things to right my ship.   Like, I don't know - think? pray? walk? read? talk to my husband?

I am loving Portland, but it is very different.  Different good and Different I'm not sure.  I think the reality of where I am and what I am about to do came home last night when I met with three of my fellow incoming chaplain residents for dinner.  All of a sudden I realized that I will be sharing my life experiences with these strangers, and I'm not sure I want to do that.  People walking around in my head with me.  I'll be taking public transportation to work each day, and while I am competent at finding my way on buses and trains, I know that there is a culture about such spaces that I will have to learn and assimilate.

So much to take in.  So much to learn.  So much work to do on me and through me. Ah, can't I just walk around Powell's for the rest of my life?  Wait, I can't buy anything there because, "Where would I put it?"

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  1. Many blessings on your new life and on your CPE residency. I hope yours is as fruitful for your continued growth and development as mine has been!

    May God bless you with grace and a bushel of discomfort (aka the tug of the Holy Spirit)!!

    Deacon J