Monday, October 10, 2011

A Walk Bewildered

Chill breezes whirl around bare legs
Unprepared for Pacific mists

Into this ethereal place I wander
Unsure of climes foreign to my senses

Tides mysteriously run away from me
Leaving pristine sands in hypnotic patterns

The very clouds have ventured down
To dance among unsuspecting mortals

In and out figures move, ghost-like and distant
Oh that I might hide amidst this vapor

Speech is sacrilege yet voices filter to me
I choose to hear nothing but the waves

Could God’s embrace be so transparent 
As fog hugging the shore

Could God’s embrace be a comforting blanket
Made of mystery and doubt and grey days

Rhythm beats wet over unshod feet
Shivering arms hold me

Musings go unanswered yet reassure
My toes dig in the sand 
My soul lifts

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