Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy This

Whoa, I am agitated.  Haven't been this agitated since I protested the start of the Iraqi War in 2003 in the streets of Albany, NY.  In fact, this goes way beyond that.

Really?  Really? Mayor Bloomberg - there are instances when there are things more important than the Bill of Rights?  There are times we can just choose to ignore the Constitution? Oh I forgot. In this fairy land we have created, corporations are people. Silly me.

A coordinated attack on U.S. citizens in 18 cities assisted by arms of the Federal government?  WTF?  I know it is cliche, but I never thought I would see this in the United States.  I thought it was Protect and Defend.  Protect and Defend.  Those words are part of the vows taken by our President, by our armed forces, by many who have been called into public service.  Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and its people.

Did anyone in government actually study US history?  Do they not understand simple human behavior?  You have a group that is stirred up.  They protest non-violently. Government goes to squelch them with violence and what eventually happens?  A strengthening of the protesters and their cause.  It is how we got labor unions.  It is how we got the Civil Rights Act - eventually.  It is how we got women's right to vote. Oh, and it's how our country came into being. (There was war in this last instance, but initially throwing tea into the harbor didn't physically harm anyone.)

Did ANYONE in government, making these decisions to use excessive force, watch the news?  When other governments around the world stomp out a citizen's non-violent protest with violence it doesn't bode well for our relations with them.  If you have never seen or do not recall such instances, here's a clue: US media outlets run footage of the brutality, we all gasp, and OUR government condemns them for violating human rights.  Do you not see the connection?  The irony?

Man, am I agitated.  And WHERE IS THE CHURCH?  Where is the preferential treatment of the poor?  I know that many of the Occupies have Interfaith Chaplain Guilds.  My husband is part of the Guild in Portland. They are awesome.  I know individual congregations have opened their doors to give respite and shelter to occupiers. Thank you for being the face of Christ.  But where are the judicatories (governing bodies)?  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) - where is the pastoral letter stating that violent treatment of citizens engaged in non-violent protest runs counter to the Gospel message of Jesus.  Where are the letters to the cities - signed by the clergy and judicatories - stating that batons and "chemical agents" are not the way to peace.

Agitated, agitated.  Well, I know where I will be Sunday afternoon.  I will be in downtown Portland marching.  I will wear my clerical stole.  I will be part of the presence of the Divine bearing witness to the plight of the 99%.  Where will the rest of you be?

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  1. Dear Maggie,

    I can't tell you how proud I am of you! You are correct on every point that I can see in your article.

    Where, indeed, is the support these peaceful activists need and deserve as they face this situation for the betterment of ALL of us!?

    I will be physically in St. Louis working Sunday afternoon; spiritually, however, I will be with you in Portland, marching and with other Protesters everywhere, marching and well, protesting!

    Brightest Blessings and thanks to those helping the movement everywhere.

    Abundant Thanks to you, Maggie and to Tim and to those everywhere on the front lines giving their time, efforts and resources.

    In Love and Light,

    Betty Hauser
    Florissant, MO