Wednesday, February 26, 2014

God is Providential

February 26, 2014
Who would have thought?  I travel over 3,400 miles away from home and who shows up in the school this week?  A doctor who, until last year, worked for Providence Heath Services.  In Montana.  Georgia left Providence St. Patrick's to attend a year long UN course in Geneva, Switzerland on International Humanitarian Medical Relief.  

We had dinner together last night.  The evening proved to delightful - at least for me and I hope for her. Georgia has been involved in health missions all over the world, but mainly in Asia.  Her heart is in public health care with migrant populations. She has worked along the Mexican/US border in Arizona several times and works with migrants in Montana.  Before leaving for Geneva, she had been in communication with the head of Providence Health International, expressing an interest in the Guatemala initiative.  Hmmm.

Life is funny.  And God is Providential.  As People of Providence we reveal God's love, especially to the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate care.  The mission statement of Providence Heath Systems is one that, I believe, the organization actually tries to live out.  Mission Integration, of which Spiritual Care is part, has as one of its mandates to help staff members understand how the mission statement plays out in their practice and their lives.  Opportunities are made available for "formation" to assist in the development of staff members sense of purpose and call.

Georgia and I are from different places, work settings, and experience, however, God seems to have called us both to Guatemala.  We are here not just to learn a language we both need in our practices, but to learn about and from the people of Guatemala.  To hopefully be a witness to God's preferential treatment of the poor.  To raise awareness of our sacred connectedness to all people's in all places.

Gracious One, please continue to bless Georgia and I.  Help us to be open to your luring voice.  To be willing to go where you would have us go as People of Providence and as your children.  Amen.

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