Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Bye Xela

Setting Sun
It's my last night in Xela.  I am filled with all sorts emotions - not surprising.  I went and took some last photos of my home for the last three weeks.  This has gotten to be the familiar and routine, but tomorrow, I begin a whole new adventure.

Spanish class today was less than spectacular.  It was as if I took my stupid pills this morning, I swear.  The subjunctive will kill me before I get it figured out.  Sonia was very patient.  During my wanderings this afternoon, I got her a small gift to say thank you for her efforts.

final visit to market
My "last meal" in the house was a a chuchito which was nice.  I presented my family with gifts as well - a scrunchy out of traditional materials for Yesica.  Small woven clothes for Rosario - she uses these for the tortillas in her diner.   A coin purse for Natalie with a shiny coin inside, just as my mother taught me.  And for Abuelita, I gave her my shawl which I thought she would like.

Very Serious Instructors at School
My experiences here will forever change me.  The negative effects of unholstered capitalism, the continued victimization of Native peoples, the disparity between all that we as Americans have and how little the rest of the world gets - these are issues that I will no longer breeze by as I read about them in some news report.  My "tut-tut" must change now to action.  God's preferential favor for the poor requires God's people to "do" their faith.

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