Saturday, September 3, 2011


We had a wonderful day and a half at Isaac's house. (Wednesday afternoon to Friday a.m.)  We basically did nothing.  We went to Breetel's work and picked her up Wednesday evening.  Isaac insisted on taking us to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  Thank you, son.  I peppered poor Breetel with questions about her spiritual life.  I'm sure she was thrilled.

Isaac showed us his school, Patchwork, the next day.  Nice living next door to one's work.  Unfortunately Tim and I both felt less than our best - whether because of the altitude or just days in the car - so took much needed naps in the afternoon while Isaac was working.  After a joint trip to the grocery, Isaac and I embarked on dinner.  I chopped what he told me, and he cooked - brilliantly.

My niece, Olivia, who lives in Colorado Springs, soon joined us for dinner just as Breetel came home from work. Breetel and Isaac left after a bit to pick up her sister, Yael, from the Denver airport, and we visited with Olivia for those hours.  She left shortly after the airport crew returned.  Liv had a 90 minute trip back home.  I immediately took a liking to Yael.  She brought New York bagels.

It was nice in the middle (literally) of this grand adventure just to have time to be and to be with some of the most amazing, gifted, and lovely people I know.

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