Sunday, December 25, 2011

She Cried For Them

She cried for them
Standing over the man that had raised her, grandfather being father
Thin and wasted, covered in a brightly pieced donated quilt.
His grey curls she tenderly caressed
Still and motionless in his rest.

She cried for them
The wife that faced the wall
Projecting composure where there was none
Now she reigned alone over her family kingdom
Her tears shed silently, veiled

She cried for them
The brother looking so much like his brother
Lean and gaunt, graying hair and wrinkled mask
Standing strong and mute beside the bed
Shallow breaths concealing unbidden emotion

She cried for them
For those that gathered and those at home
For nurses and doctors who gave everything
Head resting on his chest with unabashed sobs
She cried for them

She cried for them
When they could not
She cried for them
When they did not know how
She cried for them
And so they gave her license
For wails and moans and garbled love song.

December 19, 2011
Magdalyn M. Sebastian

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